Xebex Ski Trainer 2.0 Floor version

SFr. 2,599.90
SFr. 2,599.90
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The Xebex Fitness Ski Trainer is one of the best and most comprehensive ski simulators out there. The Ski Trainer is designed to provide ski-related exercises and offers various options for cardio and strength training. The Ski Trainer is for both novice and experienced athletes who can all benefit from training variety, intensity and training frequency.


  • 150LB frame incl. Floor stand
  • The cables can each be extended to approximately 290cm
  • Both cable pulleys can be vertically rotated 90 degrees
  • Handles and handle straps
  • Plug-in power adapter
Console / programs
  • LCD display shows time, distance, speed, calorie consumption, power, heart rate
  • 15 auto control programs
  • Pacer and interval programs
  • 4 heart rate programs
  • Watt control program
  • 16 resistance levels to determine the intensity of the workout
  • Compatible with 5kHz heart rate monitors


  • Brand: Xebex
  • Color: black
  • Transport size: W154cm, D75cm, H38cm
  • Weight: 39kg
  • Programs: average speed per 500 meters, average number of meters per stroke, maximum heart rate, calories per hour, power curve, maximum wattage, wattage diagram, average wattage, quick start, competitions, interval / tabata, target time, target distance, target calories, target heart rate and target values.
  • Display: time, distance, calories and number of strokes
  • Extra tools: transport wheels + 16 resistance levels/weights
  • Product code: ASK-2-F