Xebex AirPlus Expert Bike 2.0

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SFr. 2,399.90
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Xebex Fitness proudly introduces the AirPlus Expert Bike to its extensive line of conditioning equipment.

Adjust Resistance through a Wide Range

The Xebex AirPlus Expert Bike features both air and 8 different levels of magnetic resistance for a wide range of resistance levels. This allows you to customize your workout according whatever fitness goals you have, such as increasing your endurance, improving workout time, recovery, strength, explosiveness, etc.

  • Levels 1-2: Lighter than our standard air bike resistance. Good for light warm-up/cool-down, endurance training, and young/elder athletes
  • Level 3: Standard air bike resistance
  • Level 4-5: Heavier than our standard air bike resistance. Novice level hill climbs, good for power and cardiovascular training
  • Level 6-8: Heaviest levels. Expert level hill climbs, power training, burn more calories per hour with higher watts
Belt Drive

You can expect a smooth and relatively quiet ride thanks to its belt drive. The belt requires less maintenance compared to chain-drive air bikes.

Heavy Duty Base

With its 79 KG base, the Xebex AirPlus Expert Bike stays in place during the most intense workouts.

Comfort Adjustments

To maximize comfort, the seat is oversized and adjustable upwards/downwards as well as forward/backward. Make adjustments on the fly by simply loosening and tightening of seat post to the desired position.

Multi-grip handlebar (neutral and regular grips)

The multi-grip handlebars allow for a neutral or wide grip and are padded to reduce slipping.


The Xebex AirPlus Performance Bike comes everything you're accustomed to and more! The console is designed specifically for functional training with pre-set and custom intervals for HIIT training as well as targets for time, distance, calories and heart rate. The console knows and displays the level of AirPlus resistance that you're using and takes it into account when calculating calories and wattage. Upon completion of your workout, console displays an easy to read summary.

Our large console display gives users an easy way to measure performance and track progress. On one screen, you can see 8 different key measurements: Total Time, Work Time, Calories, Distance, Watts, Speed, RPM, and Heart Rate. Everything you need in one, easy-to-read console with the ability to setup Interval Training, Target Training, Heart-Rate Training, and more. 5k Chest Belts are compatible.

The console also allows for switching between units of measurement: Meters or Miles as well as switching between max and current read outs. Our console is easier to use and more accurately reads changes in speed than other air bike consoles. We've also included the ability to SET or TARGET distance, calories, and time while the console counts down from your targeted goal so you know just how much longer to work for. Setup Custom Interval Work, Rest, and Number of Rounds in less than 5 seconds.

How does it compare to other Air Bikes?

There are many benefits of including variable resistance in a standard air bike as it allows athletes to train for strength, cardiovascular and multiple combinations between the two. Users can better achieve specific goals (i.e. general heath improvements, weight loss, muscle tone) due to the wide range of resistance provided by the added magnetic resistance as well as the natural resistance from the flywheel as you increase RPMs. Additionally, this equipment allows users to gradually increase the intensity of their workout as they progress in their fitness journey.

You can burn an average of 57% more calories/hour by using resistance level 8 over level 1. Similarly, wattage output increases by nearly 76% on average.


  • Assembled Weight: 74 KG
  • Ship Weight: 89 KG
  • Ship Dimensions: 144cm x 38cm x 97cm
  • CE Certified
  • Smart Connect Option available!
  • Référence: ABVR-2L