Xebex Fitness

XEBEX is a first class brand in fitness who designs its products in the USA and manufactures in Taiwan for over 30 years. XEBEX designs and manufactures top of the line Air Rowers, Air Bikes, Ski Trainers, Non-Motorized Treadmills, and more. XEBEX products are recognized by their extremely robust quality, heavy and durable material to withstand the extreme workouts on it. XEBEX equipment is used by Crossfit affiliates, personal training studios and gyms in more than 40 countries world-wide.

XEBEX 30 Years in Business: Design Headquarters in USA, proudly Made in Taiwan. High-quality, Award-Winning fitness equipment with over 30 years design and manufacturing experience. Xebex equipment is used by functional fitness, crossfit, studio boutiques, and club gyms. Xebex has distributors in over 40+ countries world-wide and designs and manufactures award-winning Rowers, Air Bikes, Non-Motorized Curved Treadmill Runners, as well as Ski Trainers, Climbers, AirPlus Bikes, and more. Xebex Fitness has a history in design and production of equipment for top athletes and super heavy-use gyms around the world. Xebex design team is made up of engineers, athletes, and trainers who know the functional fitness market very well. Xebex prides itself on HIIT, studio, boutique, functional, and Group X training cardio equipment which boast durable features, high-quality components, Taiwanese manufacturing, and the necessary features to properly serve the target market. 

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